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"No Matter What" comes from a deep, God-given conviction regarding personal commitment. Although we were both raised in Christian homes, like so many, we lived out our everyday lives on the horizontal plane - more concerned with the world around us than with the one above. But God didn't let us stay there. In his grace, he allowed the circumstances of our individual lives to take us each to the point where a decision had to be made. Would we continue running our lives on our own or would we surrender the lead to him?

We chose to surrender. So what's that mean? Well, those who know us know that it doesn't mean we have it all figured out. It also doesn't mean we always succeed in actually living out the truths espoused on this web site. It does mean, however, that we acknowledge our need for Jesus Christ. It does mean that we are committed to getting up when we fall. And it does mean that, with God's help, we will strive to consistently live our lives in a way that brings honor to God and to each matter what.

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